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the countdown is on

We are so becoming those annoying dog people who don’t have kids yet so they just show pictures of their pets to friends.

But seriously, who could resist that face? In 2 short days we get to bring her home, and I don’t think the next 48 hours will go quick enough.

The puppy craze started one Saturday morning when we were sitting on the couch, bored, reading the classifieds. Ian came across mastiff puppies and I think we both thought why not?

So he called them.

And we went and looked.

They were adorable.

But the place was sketchy. They didn’t let us see all the dogs they had or where they kept them. The woman said they really liked cheese…(what?! cheese??).

Basically, all signs pointed to NO.

After seeing them, we got puppy fever. But we decided to do our research, and after lots of discussion, agreed on a lab.

I have to admit, I wasn’t too excited at first, for a few reasons.

1. I really wanted a dog that wouldn’t shed;

2. I had my heart set on a Labradoodle or  Weimaraner;

3. It seems like everyone and their mom owns a lab.

But Ian has always wanted a lab of his own to train to hunt with him, so, being the amazing wife I am, I agreed.

He found a really great breeder locally and when we called him, he was expecting a litter of yellow lab puppies! We went out and met the mom, he showed Ian the training that he does with them if you choose that option, gave  us a tour of the kennels he has for them (which were spotless), and the whelping shed he built. We left impressed.

We put our name on the  list (because he only has 1 litter a year), and when he was sure the dog was pregnant, let us know.

He called us the day after they were born and said we could come see them whenever, so we waited a few weeks and then headed out there.

Then he called us again last week to let us know we could come pick her out, so we did!

It was so fun being involved in the whole process of the puppy, rather than just going to pick her out and taking her home right away.

The anticipation has been killing us, but I am so glad we didn’t end up getting one of the cheese-loving mastiffs.

Moral of the story: Patience pays off.

Oh, and if you’re wondering why we named our female dog Goose,  you can talk to my husband about that.

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