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40 in 50: Washi Tape Keyboard

Just being honest, folks. Ian hates it, aaaaand I kind of do too. Just because you can type without looking down at the keys, doesn’t mean it’s not helpful to see them every once in awhile. Especially the numbers.

And I wasn’t even going to think about covering up all those symbols.

On the plus side, my white keys no longer look so dirty! And it wasn’t as hard as I was anticipating, granted, it’s not perfect. I used a rotary cutter, self-healing mat, and ruler to cut the little pieces, and it’s easy to pull up a piece if you don’t do it perfect the first time.

My advice: Do it, it’s cute, and worth having to get 2 inches from your keyboard to make sure you’re hitting the right button. Also, save your passwords so you don’t have to type them each time, those can be a real doozy.

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