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Things You Should Know About Me & My Blog

First of all, if you’ve returned to this blog multiple times over the past couple of weeks, you’ll notice that each time the layout/header/images/logos are different. I apologize. See, the thing is, I often see things on other blogs that I like (as far as the layout goes) and I think to myself ooooh, I should try that!

And then I do it.

And I like it for about a day.

And then I change it.

But I think what I have now is here to stay…at least for a little while.

Thanks for sticking with me.

Second, I never really did a disclaimer for my blog, so I guess I should do one (as best I know how):

As much as I love to make things and be creative, very  few of the things I do or make, I’ve come up with on my own. Pinterest is a black hole, and most of my “creations” come from there. Granted, sometimes I tweak things or give them my own personal touch, but as far as the ideas go, 99% of the time, they are not my own. That being said, I will always try my best to link back to the original maker, you can read more about why that’s important to me | here |

The same goes for paper products I create.  They are usually not my own ideas, I get inspiration from places like | minted | for paper products, and then put my own spin on them. Again, I will always show you the original as well as my own version.

OK, enough of the boring stuff, here’s a few other little things you should know:

– 1 –

I will never, ever  do a “What I Wore” post. Some of my favorite blogs do them, and if you’re someone who does them, God bless you for giving me fashion advice. I love to look at them, but no one wants to see what I wore.

– 2 –

When I do a project that I got the idea for somewhere else, I won’t do a tutorial. It seems silly and pointless for me to take 500 pictures of something that someone else had already done and re-type all the instructions.


I will always post a picture of the final project, regardless of how it turns out.

I hate the fact that in blog-world, every project turns out absolutely perfect. In my head I’m thinking, how many times did you make that before it turned out exactly the way you wanted?  So no matter how gross a recipe is or how off my seams are, I will always share a picture with you (and it’s OK to laugh).

Proof of that is | here |

– 3 –

I want to hear from you! Let’s chat if you have questions, critiques, or feedback.

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