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Thoughts on Friendship

You know those friends who are irreplaceable? The ones who have seen you at your worst and still stood by your side? The ones who you can share anything with and know there is no judgement?

For me, Hilary is that friend.

I think this is the first picture we ever took together, and in case you’re wondering, yes, those are gauchos I’m wearing.

Hil tool me under her wing when I was a Freshman at OSU and she was a Junior (?). I think we clicked the moment we met and from there, spent countless hours leading Young Life together, complaining about school/talking each other out of going to class, falling asleep during pilates, and sharing in our hatred of Thanksgiving food (it’s true, folks).

Not only is Hilary an incredible friend, she loves Jesus an awful lot, has given me Godly advice more times than I can count, and prayed with me more times than I can remember.

Hil is an amazing mom to an adorable baby, and one of the craftiest people I know.


Check out her blog | here |

She and I are doing our best to not let a 55 mile gap between the 2 of us let our friendship dwindle, so Tuesday nights are becoming a night that I look forward to more than she knows. Last Tuesday night I left feeling so  thankful that the Lord places friends like this in our lives.

Friends who pray for you;

Friends who ask the tough questions;

Friends who lead 10 girls at a Young Life camp with you, running on less than 3 hours of sleep while more exhausted than words can express;

Friends who are brutally honest with you (about everything);

Friends who are just as loud as you;

Friends who know how to make you laugh in any situation;

Friends who stand beside you at your wedding.

(can you tell we used the same wedding photographer?)

Hil, you are the most incredible friend I know, and until God’s will allows us to live in the same city, I’m happy to drive the 55 miles.

On a completely unrelated note, remember how I said I would always post pictures of my projects, even if they were screwed up?

Well, here it is:

While making a baby blanket for my sister-in-law, I got a little carried away with | this | freakin’ tool and ended up cutting through all the layers, rather than just the top one.

I still found a way to save the blanket though, not to worry.

Oh, and Hil was the first person I sent a picture to while freaking out…so I guess this is slightly related to the beginning of the post.

Have a Happy Thursday!

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