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Date Night + Craft Day

Today, I’m feeling incredibly blessed, recharged, and thankful.

Here’s why: Typically, I have the weekends off, and I look forward to those 48 hours with my husband all week long. But as of the last month, I’ve had to work Saturdays which leaves Ian and I one day.

One day.

So we try to make the best of that one day.

Saturday night, we met for a date night when I got off work at a local restaurant we’d been wanting to try for awhile now.

Worst. Service. Ever.

We left.

We went to another restaurant, a brewery in town that always seems to be packed and understaffed.

So we sat at the bar.

And we ordered an appetizer, only to find out they were out of it.

So we picked a different one.

We ordered dinner, only to find out they were out of what both of us wanted.

(I think at this point we should’ve realized God was trying to tell us it wasn’t our night to go on a date).

We each picked something else.

And our food came, but Ian’s was missing the chicken he’d requested they add.

At this point, it was comical. We wondered what else could possibly go wrong.

Our poor waitress was so sweet and so apologetic, after all, it wasn’t her fault.

And then in walks one of Ian’s bosses (whom I’d heard a lot about but never actually met). Ian introduced me, we said hello, and made small talk.

Ian got the chicken added to his meal (turns out our waitress had grabbed the wrong plate).

We enjoyed each other’s company, laughed, and talked about our upcoming week.

When it came time for us to leave and our check came, the only thing we had to pay for was 1 beer.

Ian’s boss had paid for our meal.

Is it just me, or does God bless us at the exact moment we need it?

I’m not sure why exactly I’m sharing all this, but I guess there is somewhat of a moral to this story.

We could’ve had a bad attitude and chewed out the waiter at the restaurant we left. Instead, we quietly left.

We could’ve raised our voices at the waitress when she told us they were out of so many things. Instead we laughed and told her it was no big deal.

As Believers, we’re called to be a light (John 12:36). The salt of the earth. A city on a hill. (Matthew 5:13-14)

We are called to stand out.

I hope Ian and I did that Saturday night. I hope we do that all the time. Not because it leads to a free meal, but a reward from our Father- an eternal reward.

And so we came home from our date night to a dog who was happy to see us, and a reminder from our Father that he loves us more than we know, and uses us in every situation.

What a great way to end a date that started off so poorly.

And then came Sunday.

Sunday, I got to recharge, and it was amazing.

Often, when I’m not able to be creative, I get cranky. As weird as that sounds, I have a desire to make things, and to be crafty. Thankfully, Ian realizes this desire.

When we woke up Sunday morning, he told me to do what I wanted, all day and he would watch our little Goose.

And so I took him up on it.

Here’s what I did…

Worked on some invitations for a wedding this August.

Finished up a set of baby shower invitations for a college roommate who | Hilary | and I are throwing a shower for.

Tried my hand at printing on fabric for an upcoming project I’m working on.

Admired my new succulent and its repurposed pot.

Tried a new recipe for some Monday morning breakfast Danishes that doubled as dessert last night.

Made 2 sweet cards for a few of babies arriving in the coming months.

And still had | dinner | on the table by 6.

Regardless of the fact that I had to work on Saturday and kept myself overly-busy on Sunday, weekends like this leave me feeling refreshed. Getting so much done is 10x better than spending the day on the couch (in my opinion).

Hope all of you had a weekend that was just as wonderful.

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