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A Simple Bridal Shower

With spring on its way, and summer quickly approaching (hopefully sooner rather than later), it seems like shower-season is in full swing, whether for babies or brides.

Last year, I threw a simple bridal shower for my friend and co-worker, Misty. Her quiet personality set the tone for the shower. Nothing over the top, only a handful of close friends, and petite finger food that were easy to prepare.

For the life of me, I can’t find the invitation I created for Misty’s shower, which is so lame! But I do still have a few snapshots of the day.

1. Flowers make any party pretty, and are a natural way to add some color to the table.

2. Pistachio Power Bars. These are delish!

3. Fruit salad. Classic, but oh so good during this time of the year when the fruit is getting ripe!

4. Toby’s Tea Sandwiches. Super easy…spread a little Toby’s Lite Jalapeno on multigrain bread, then cut into bite-size pieces using these handy tools.

5. A paper pendant read, ‘congratulations’ and it worked for that shower, but I’m working on a much cuter one for an upcoming baby shower…stay tuned!

(There’s also some simple chocolate cupcakes hidden in that photo. My mom made them, she has an amazing recipe that I’ve probably eaten 1,000 times in my lifetime).

6. Drinking glasses placed on a serving tray help break up the table, and double as a useful way to disperse drinks once guests have arrived.

There are 2 baby showers within the next 2 months, so stay tuned for fun ideas and lots more inspiration.

Happy Wednesday!

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