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Polyvore Monday | April 2

How is is that I am just now discovering Polyvore? It’s like the perfect mix between Pinterest and my | idea book | I discovered it last night and may or may not have wasted the better part of 3 hours on there.

I always wondered how people were making these cool collages. Now I know.

And soooo…I’m beginning a new segment on the blog.

Polyvore Monday.

(Super original name, I know).

A day devoted to Interior Design.

Let’s begin, shall we?

It seems like everyone and their mom is either pregnant or having babies right now (not us!), but that doesn’t mean I can’t start planning…

When we do finally start a family, I don’t want to know what we’re having. I know it’s old school and super inconvenient for anyone wanting to get us something, but deal with it. I’ll have waited at least 25 years to have a baby, I can wait another 9 months to know the sex. Some people think it’s lame, I think it’s a surprise well worth waiting for.

So I created this nursery to be gender neutral…

(click on the image to be redirected to Polyvore and see the sources)

A Modern Nursey by designbylulu on

Once baby comes, slap on a fresh coat of gender specific paint, add a few throw pillows, and you have an instant nursery that’s not so gender neutral.

The mix of modern furniture and different textures that include wood, glass, and paper make it easy to incorporate other new pieces after baby arrives.

make it manly by designbylulu on

With boys, you have the ability to be a little more rustic. I came across this old Boy Scout magazine and based the entire room on that. Outdoorsy, canvas-like pillows, paint colors that are masculine, but not too masculine for baby, and a bold, geometric pattern for window treatments.

fresh & girly by designbylulu on

Aaaaand then there’s the girl version. I’m kind of obsessed with the bright palette, rather than muted, pale pinks for baby. This peony wallpaper is my new favorite, and those ruffle curtains and linen bulletin board are just the right amount of soft texture.

I’m kind of loving Polyvore Monday and it’s only the first day, plus, what a great way to start the week!

Stay tuned.


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