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One Lucky Girl

Nope, not me.

I’m referring to my adorable niece who was born on Thursday. She’s the first girl in a family of 3 boys, so it’s safe to say I might have gone a little overboard when making gifts for her, but how could I not? With 3 big brothers, she needs all the pink she can get!

Here’s what I made for baby Eliana:

| 2 appliqued onesies | chenille baby blanket + coordinating burp cloth | baby block |

Remember a few weekends ago when I was practicing printing on linen? Here’s the result!

Baby blocks are surprisingly way easier than they look.

And these are quickly becoming my favorite cards to both make and give (it helps when the baby has a beautiful, long name that just seems to flow).

Want to make an appliqued onesie for your own little loved one? They’re super easy!

Here’s what you need:

| onesie | scissors | something to write with | iron | scrap fabric | double-sided fusible webbing | a shape or letter to cut out |

I don’t even pre-wash my onesie before I start, maybe this is the lazy man’s way of doing it, so if you want to wash and dry them, go right ahead.

These are my favorite onesies, I get them at Target in a four pack and I’ve found that they’re the thickest:

Here’s the double stick fusible webbing that I get at  Joann’s but I think you can probably find something similar just about anywhere:

Start by ironing your fabric to one side of your double sided webbing, keeping the paper adhered to the other side. Mine is a little hard to see because I used a really tiny scrap of fabric, but you get the idea:

Trace your design onto the fusing (make sure to flip your design if you’re using a letter so that once you cut your fabric, it’s facing the right direction!) I just used a cardstock letter I had lying around for mine.

(You could also print out a pretty letter from a font your particularly like and trace that)

Cut out your design.

Peel off the other layer and stick it to your onesie, then iron to fuse the two fabrics together.

Sew along the edges of your design.

(When I do a simple design, I like to use the zig zag stitch and a contrasting color of thread, but for this one, I just used a basic stitch and some white thread).

This part takes a lot patience, as the onesie is very tiny! Make sure you pull the back up (the onesie should be nearly inside out) so that you’re not sewing through both layers of the onesie.

Cut threads, iron once more for good measure, and you’re done! They really are easy and make fun gifts.

Want to make one using either the bird or dino, like mine? I’ve included a template that has both! How nice am I?

Click | here | to download.



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