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A Weekend Away

My apologies for falling behind on Polyvore Monday yesterday.

Ian and I went away this weekend.

Just the 2 of us.

For 3 whole days.

And it was amaaaazing.

Usually, our vacations consist of either our parents or siblings and their children, so to get away with just the hubs was a breath of fresh air. Not that we don’t love vacationing with family, but uninterrupted couple time just what the two of us needed.

Oh! And there was no pup to wake up to at 6:15 sharp, so we enjoyed our king size bed for a few extra hours every morning, just because we could.

We stayed | here | and decided we could easily get used to living in central Oregon.

We had a beautiful drive over…

Walked along the golf course for hours…

Went to an | amazing candy store | in Downtown Bend…

Picked up some old-school soda that reminded us of our childhood…

Plus some Sour Cream & Onion crickets for the nephews…

Had some delicious Fro Yo in Sisters…

And admired their cute, simple logo…

All-in-all, the trip was a success, full of relaxation and time together. We didn’t take the iPad or computer (which are  more-often-than-not huge distractions) and it was so nice to be “unplugged” for 3 whole days.

The trip was actually a Christmas gift to Ian that I’d purchased on Living Social way back in September. I don’t know about you, but I don’t really like handing someone a wrinkled up sheet of paper that doubles as a voucher for a gift (which is all I had from Living Social). So I decided to be a little more creative with the gift and make my own gift certificate.

Here’s what I did:

Want to make one of your own to give as a gift? Here’s what you need:

| eyelet + eyelet setter | stamps + stamp pad | pre-cut pieces of paper (I used my Cricut and had 10 all together) | binder clip |

Start by stamping on each individual sheet whatever you want them to say. Be careful with the stamping (see next photo!):

Allow the ink to dry, and then line them up how they will read, with the first card on top.

Line up all your sheets and then use a binder clip to keep them in place.

Punch where you want your eyelet to be + set eyelet


I also made a small envelope with my Cricut and tucked it neatly into Ian’s stocking on Christmas Eve.

Much better than a piece of paper.

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