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Polyvore Monday | April 30

Polyvore Monday got a little crazy today and became more of what-I’m-obsessed-with-right-now-and-someday-want-in-a-home-because-I’m-living-out-my-childhood-fantasies…

I always wanted bunk beds.

Like, really bad.

Now that I’m an adult, I want an entire room devoted to bunk beds. How fun would that be? I would sleep in there for sure.

I don’t know what it is about bunk beds, but it seems like every kid loves them.

Now that I’m adult and enjoy design, I think I like bunk beds and bunk rooms even more. Each bed is like a separate part of the room that can be designed according to each child. 4 different beds can have 4 completely different styles, yet still manage to complement each other and work well in the same space. Plus, they are so so cozy! It’s like your own little niche away from the rest of the world.

Here are a few of my favorites from Houzz:

Bunk Room traditional bedroom
traditional bedroom design by other metros architect Locati Architects

I love the camp-like feel of this one, with the sinks right there in the same room. Bonus! With double beds on the bottom bunk, there’s room for even more!

Kids Bedroom contemporary kids
contemporary kids design by chicago interior designer SemelSnow Interior Design, Inc.

The nautical look of this room is so clean and airy. Plus, the lights in each bunk allow for some to stay up without disturbing others.

JAUREGUI Architecture Interior Construction mediterranean bedroom
mediterranean bedroom design by austin design-build JAUREGUI Architecture Interiors Construction

The curtains on these bunks remind me of a tour bus, yet somehow they work. Drawers under the bottom bunks allow for extra storage in a room where all the wall space is being used. You could also have false drawers there and make it into a trundle to allow room for a few more kiddos.

Silver Strike Lodge contemporary kids
contemporary kids design by salt lake city interior designer Lynsey Humphrey

This is, by far, the coziest bunk room I have ever seen. Less cabin-like and more retreat-like! How can you not picture 4 girls enjoying their first sleepover, painting their nails and giggling into the wee hours of the night? This room is the perfect combination of color, light, and space.

Bunk Room traditional bedroom
traditional bedroom design by other metros architect Locati Architects

Another rustic bunk room that feels more like the boys cabin with its thick wood, defined lines, dark colors, and exposed beams. Still inviting none-the-less.

Kids Dungeon traditional kids
traditional kids design by denver general contractor Highline Partners, Ltd

Is this not the perfect rec room for teenagers? I love the way stone was incorporated into the space, plus the wall-washers that flood the rock on the bunk wall make the texture pop.

…not exactly Polyvore Monday today, but it still works!

And in case you were wondering, I did not forget about the freebie for followers that I mentioned in my post on Friday. Things got a little hectic this weekend and those 48 hours went way quicker than I was hoping. If you are a follower, check your e-mail within the next 24 hours, I promise there will be something fun from me. If you’re not a follower, consider becoming one to get all the latest and greatest from Design by Lulu!

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