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Polyvore Monday | May 7

Another beautiful weekend here in the Pacific Northwest, means yard work for Ian and I + my parents.

No joke.

I think we are blessed with the best family in the whole world. Here’s why: My dad built us a porch swing as a housewarming gift when we moved in last July, and came out this weekend to help Ian hang it up. My mom decided to come with him and helped me do yard work for 4+ hours.

Did I tell you I hate yard work? Like, literally despise it. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve asked Ian if we can hire someone else to come do our yard. Especially come springtime when it seems like everything needs to be weeded, cut back, mowed, watered, etc. You name it, it probably needs to be done.

But after my parent’s help this weekend, we now have a yard that looks a-mazing, and a porch swing!

So fun, right?!

Our new and improved yard inspired me to do an outdoor version of Polyvore Monday. Who doesn’t love a fun place to relax outside as the weather starts to get nice? (click on the image to be redirected to Polyvore and see the sources)

Backyard Patio
Backyard Patio by designbylulu on

1 ) The gazebo is super cheap from Ikea (maybe too cheap?), I actually saw it in person when I was there not too long ago and it’s not of a horrible quality. Obviously, for this price, you get what you pay for, but it’s a great way to add a little privacy to your yard without splurging.

2 ) I’m loving these drfttwood balls from Crate & Barrel and trying to figure out if there’s some way I could recreate them. Wouldn’t they be fun if you could somehow string lights through them and make them not only cute but functional too?

3) Every back yard needs a basic chaise, even if you’re not pool-side! This one is a pretty good price, and because it’s neutral, throw some fun outdoor pillows on it for a more personalized look.

4) These rustic wooden planters would be great as succulent holders.

5) Confession: I’ve always thought outdoor rugs were super-cheesy, until recently. I don’t really know what’s changed my mind, but it’s a simple way to add some color and pattern to an outdoor space without being too over-the-top. Plus, they’re cheap enough that once they’re ruined, you can throw them away and buy a new one next season.

6) Love this simple outdoor table. Some of my favorite memories from childhood are the nights we would take the kitchen table outside and have dinner on the patio as a family…a tradition we will definitely continue.

7) No fuss, folding chairs that are easy to put away and store when not in use are ideal for a small, backyard patio.

8) Mint mojitos! The perfect end to a warm, summer day!

Happy Monday!

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