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Yes, it’s Possible

Last week | for Freebie Friday I shared the fact that I’m always scrambling at the last minute to find a card for someone.

Apparently the same is true when I’m throwing a baby shower. For a family member.


I looked at the calendar and realized invitations needed to be out in 2 days, and although I had the design done, there was no way I could get them printed in time.

Thank the Lord for Target.

I had some invitations that I’d bought awhile ago, mostly just because I liked the coordinating envelopes and wanted to use them for something fun.

And now, I’m here to say, it is possible to make a store-bought invitation, more personalized and cute. Although they’re still not as nice as something professionally made by a designer or even from | minted |.

All that being said, here are a few tips to make them more personalized:

1. Use a cute font.

I prefer the | emily font | especially for baby showers because it’s so whimsical and child-like, but really, any font looks better than filling in your invitation by hand. Usually, in 15 minutes or less you can have your card laid out in a design program and then simply run them directly through the printer.

2. It’s all in the packaging.

Addressing envelopes is often overlooked and an afterthought because people are scrambling at the last minute to put it all together, but a font matching that used on the invitation itself ties the whole thing together.

3. If possible, embellish.

A little baker’s twine, or paper flower attached with an eyelet can go a long way and make your product look much more handmade. You can also use a glue pen and add some sparkle to certain areas of the card.

4. Layer.

This is the trick I use most often. Typically, invitations leave enough room that they can be trimmed, and then mounted on a larger piece of paper, so your invitation is thicker, and stands out from the rest of  the mail. (Just make sure they’ll still fit in your envelopes!)

5. Think ahead.

I like my invitations to be a precursor of what the party will be like. Planning a super-girly baby shower? Make sure the invitations represent that! Want a more sophisticated soiree? It’s easy to make that apparent even before guests arrive by creating an invitation using modern colors, clean lines, and straightforward wording. Again, make sure the fonts you use on your invites are carried-over at the party on place cards, signage, recipe tags, etc.

6. Make sure the product represent the person.

Don’t create a child-like invitation for a 30th birthday party. It is possible to create adult-themed party invitations without being super-cheesy. Play with wording, invitation styles, and format until you get just what you want. The same goes for a baby shower- If you know the mom-to-be isn’t thrilled with bright pink for baby girl, use a more neutral color palette, after all, the party is about them!

Here’s how mine turned out…

Not so bad…right?

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  1. Super cute!

    May 9, 2012
  2. amber #

    is that a font on the baby shower invite? if so, do you mind sharing which one it is? thank you! love your site! 🙂

    December 28, 2013

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