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A Birthday & Anthro-Inspired Place Card Holders

First off, I have to start by saying happy birthday to my amazing husband. Today marks his 25th year and yes, I did send him on a scavenger hunt this morning before work to find his gift. I could go on and on about how incredible he is, but I’ll save you the time and mushy-gushy details about how much I love him and how blessed I am to call him my husband.

In other news…

Not long ago, I was at Anthropologie and spotted a super-creative display that I wanted to try to recreate at some point. I took a photo of it and it got somewhat forgotten, along with the other gazillion images on my phone.

*On a side note, I’m pretty sure that about 98% of the time I spend in Anthropologie is spent gawking at their many displays and wishing I could somehow incorporate each one into our own home.

As I started to prepare for the baby shower I threw this weekend for Ian’s sister, I came across that picture on my phone and realized they would be perfect as food card holders for the buffet table.

I went to our local True Value (they literally have everything you could ever need), and showed the guy the picture. I think he called it field fence (?) and luckily, they sell it on a roll by the foot.

I knew I didn’t need much of it, and the roll he cut it off of was already 2 feet wide, so I just had him cut 1 foot off the roll for me.

I referred back to my picture, and didn’t want them to be too big, so I snipped my wire at 15 squares all the way up the length of it.

I was left with something that looks like this:

…And I’m just warning you now, those edges are so so sharp!

I went back and re-trimmed mine as close to the edge as possible, so they looked more like this:

And then our table was covered in these little pieces:

I counted 10 squares up, folded at the 11th, and then did 10 more squares going down the back, but you can easily customize this part if you know you want to make a bigger or smaller one.

Next I stamped onto a thick piece of cardstock each of our food items, as well as a “Wishes for Baby Ella” station…more on that later.

Adhere to your wire using hot glue (you only need a few, small dots of it), and add any embellishments you want.

Ta da! A simple and reusable food card holder to let guests know what’s on the menu.

I’m trying to think of other projects I could use the remaining pieces for.


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  1. This is seriously so cute, Linds! I LOVE how it turned out!

    May 23, 2012
  2. I super LOVED this! So clever and so elegant.

    June 19, 2012

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