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Baby Shower Bunting

One decoration I knew I wanted for my sister-in-law’s baby shower was to make a gift that would double as decor at the party itself…along came bunting with baby girl’s name right on it! The project ended up being way easier than I was anticipating, partly because I cut a few corners along the way and partly because baby’s name is short and oh so sweet:

Ella. Ella Jean.

To begin, I decided I would use the same | method | I do for my burp cloths and onesies.
>> Not pictured, but adhere double sided ‘steam-a-seam’ to the fabric of your choice by ironing onto the wrong side of your fabric <<
Next, I used some chipboard letters I had lying around and traced Ella’s name onto the steam-a-seam, backwards. It’s important you do them backwards, otherwise when you go to cut them out, you’ll have letters that face the wrong direction.

You’ll also want to cut out enough triangles for every letter, and make sure they’re big enough to fit each. This size will vary depending on how big the letters are you’re using. I ended up cutting an extra so that I could put a flower between the first and middle names, and I also cut 18 triangles, so each of mine would have a front and a back (although it didn’t end up being necessary).

Here’s what my letters looked like cut out:

Next, I removed the back layer of the steam-a-seam and stuck the letters where I wanted the on the triangle pieces, then ironed to make them stay in place so sewing them would be easier.

Pin front and back triangles together and sew along the 2 sides (there’s no reason to sew along the top because your ric-rac will go there and cover any stitch you would put there.

I decided to use a fun, slightly oversized zigzag stitch on mine and I love the way it turned out:

Next I laid them all out next to each other and pinned the ric-rac in place.

Sew along top edge, as close to the center of the ric-rac as possible so that you don’t have to zigzag back and forth.

Done! Hang up, enjoy, and patiently wait for baby Ella to make her debut.

The bunting was part of her gift, and the other part was this fun little suitcase I found at a local craft store, filled with 3 homemade | burp cloths | and 1 appliquéd onesie. A simple, inexpensive gift made with love.

A few notes about this project:
– if I were to do it again, I would’ve stitched along the edge of the triangles first and then sewed the letters on to make sure things were more centered.
– originally, I had wanted to stitch over each letter in a contrasting thread, which is why I had a front and a back to each triangle. After 1 letter I decided it wasn’t worth it because it was really hard to sew around such a teeny tiny letter.
– I just left my edges raw because I like the way it looks, but you could finish the bunting by sewing, turning inside out and adhering appliqué, then doing a fun stitch that would show.

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  1. Sarah Cook #

    So adorable! Totally doing this for my sister’s baby shower this fall!

    May 24, 2012
  2. Carrie #

    Very cute! I don’t have a baby shower in my near future to make this for, but a birthday will definitely do!

    May 24, 2012

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