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Birthday Weekend via Instagram

No Freebie Friday last week, and no Polyvore Monday today. Why you ask? More important things to do.

Like celebrating half a century.

Thanks to epic timing on my parent’s part, my birthday often falls on a 3-day weekend, and this year was no exception. Here’s a few snapshots of what our weekend looked like:

1. I think macaroons are my new favorite.

2. Obviously anything wrapped in this will be adorable.

3. Little ones make blowing out 25 candles way easier.

4. Did I mention I love macaroons?

5. The first birthday text I received…from Switzerland! My parents are celebrating 40 years of marriage this August, and are traveling for a few weeks. They just so happened to be in the Alps, headed to Paris on my birthday. Nice. Real nice.

“Bring me back something French!” (what movie?)

6. The most amazing | vacuum | ever. If someone had told me 2 years ago that’d be my favorite present, I would’ve laughed in there face. My, how times have changed.

7. Anthro | tea towel | Love.

8. The perks of having an amazing boss.

9. An early morning birthday walk with Gooser.

10. | Pretzel Nuggets | Have you guys tried these? I think I ate about 3/4 of the container this weekend. Thank you World Market.

11. An adorable | notepad | from my friend, Brittany. I will seriously use this every time I go to the store.

12. Anthro | candle | Thank you, sister!

13. This is how late Goose let us sleep in Monday morning, praise the Lord! But literally, 2 seconds after I took a screen shot of that, she started barking. God bless her.

14. Homemade, fresh squeezed, peach lemonade, 21 and over style. Does anything kick off summer better than that? Clearly, they must be drunk out of a mason jar.

15. Finally got a few pictures in my very favorite | frames |

More importantly than my birthday, though, is the reason why we get a 3-day weekend. The brave men and women who have selflessly fought for our country so that we can enjoy our freedom.

Thank you is not enough. We are forever grateful to both you, and your families.

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