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Wedding Invitation | Bret & Layne

Not long ago, a long-time family friend asked me to make her wedding invitations and I was so thrilled! Layne and her fiance, Bret, are getting married this August and wanted a wedding invitation that was a reflection of the two of them. I asked her to send me some samples of things she’d seen that she liked, and one thing stuck out to me in particular:

A retro Oregon postcard! How fun is that? Once I saw it, I knew the invitation had to somehow incorporate something similar to that, yet still remain a classy wedding invitation. Because Bret lives in California and Layne went to college there, they knew a majority of their guests would be coming from out of town, so I tried to create a slight “destination” themed invitation.

 …and finally came up with this:

1. The best part about the invitation is that the RSVP card is perforated, so the guest simply has to tear it off and send it back. So fun, right?! This is the entire invitation, unfolded.

2. 300 invitations seemed a little intimidating for my first go around, but it ended up not being so bad. The invites were printed on 100# cover, which made the postcard thick enough to go back in the mail without an envelope.

3. Wrapped with baker’s twine for the bride-to-be!

4. The vintage-inspired Oregon image. Bret & Layne opted to have the invitation printed in grayscale (which cut costs  significantly), but had it been in color, this is what it would’ve looked like.

5. The invitation, as the guest would see it when pulling it out of the envelope before unfolding it.

Making these invitations ended up being so fun and a definite learning experience! My sister-in-law was a huge help in teaching me the ropes with InDesign, although I feel like I still have a lot to learn, seeing as how all I ever use is Photoshop. In the end, I’m thankful my first customer was a friend, who is laid back with an open mind.

How adorable are these destination wedding invitations I found floating around Pinterest?

(click on the individual image to be redirected to their source)

Now onto making Bret & Layne’s wedding programs!

By the way, did you guys see the adorable wedding invitation Hilary made? I am in love with them. To all of you married ladies, do you ever see something and think, “man, I wish I’d seen that for our wedding!” ? I had one of those moments when I saw these. Plus, Hil came up with a tasteful way to say that cash, checks, and gift cards were preferred. How clever is she?

Don’t forget there’s still time to enter yesterday’s Freebie friday giveway for a chance to win these two cards:

Head over here and leave a comment.

See you Monday!

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