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Robin’s Egg Blue is Never a Good Choice. Ever.

This weekend was a combination of great and not-so-great. Here’s why:

Friday we had planned on going out to a nice dinner to celebrate | passing my exam | But once we got home from work, the weather outside was just over 90 degrees and we had a dog full of energy, so instead we decided to take a last minute picnic out to the lake.

And it was perfect.
Just the 3 of us. Goose got tired, and we got full.
What a way to start our weekend!

Then came Saturday.
Ian went to the football game.
I went shopping and picked up some cute new stuff for fall.
You could call it a good day.

And then there was Sunday…
If you’re anything like me, you get an idea for something in your head and you just want to do it.
Right then.
And there is no changing your mind.

All of the walls in our home were (and most still are), khaki, which I’m not a fan of. It’s tolerable in moderation, but throughout the entire home it just seems drab. I thought it would be fun to do a light grayish blue in the dining room. Something to add a splash of color, but still remain sophisticated, rather than look like a child’s bedroom.

So Sunday afternoon I got a bee in my bonnet to paint our dining room/kitchen, and after persuading Ian it was a good idea, we made a trip to Sherwin Williams.

I found the perfect color right when we walked in. But after a little debating (remember how I said I constantly second-guess myself?) We opted for something way brighter.
(I’m pretty sure the not-so-helpful employee was ready to kill my by the time we left because I changed my mind so many times)

This is the color we ended up leaving with:

Not so bad right?
It’s like, Robin’s Egg Blue on our wall. Never a good thing.
Honestly, I did one tiny section, stepped back to look and immediately told Ian I hated it (which isn’t exactly what your husband wants to hear after spending $50 on a gallon of paint). He told me to do the rest of it, and then we’ll see how it looks.
By the end, we both hated it.

Here’s how it looks (sorry for the poor picture, it was taken with my phone):

We have this awful piece of molding at the top of our kitchen cabinets that is like a reddish-brown and goes with nothing else in our home. When we first looked at the house, I told Ian that was the first thing we’d get rid of, and a little over a year later, it’s still there…
So I’m trying to work around it.

We also have a wall behind our dining room with a door going out to the backyard, and whether or not we’re painting that is still up for debate.

And if you’re wondering why the bottom half of the wall is white, there’s a legitimate reason. We’ve already decided that this house isn’t our “forever” house, therefore, we don’t want to make any huge changes that would be difficult for someone else to alter later. So as much as I love the look of wainscoting, it doesn’t seem like a brilliant option to install in a home we won’t be in forever.
Paint, however, is easy to change.
If the next owner doesn’t like it, (or we get sick of it), we can just paint over it.
So I guess you could call it a faux wainscoting.

Now I’m determined to find the perfect color, and thanks to | Sherwin-Williams Color Visualizer | I can “try on” colors before picking a new one.

Here’s a couple I like, that seem to be a little more safe than bright blue:

More neutral and definitely more calm than this hideous bright blue that I literally laugh at every time I walk by.

Don’t worry, this will be covered up by the end of the week.

No ifs, ands, or buts.

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  1. If the your cabinets were white I think the initial blue would have looked great; however I do agree that maybe it just doesn’t match. As for your *new* colours I really like the 2nd one (of the visualizer). Love the faux-wainscotting too; and it’s funny because we are also in our “good-for-a-now-but-not-our-forever-home” and want to hold off until we get to that forever home to install it.

    I can totally relate to once you get an idea you have to do it…it’s so hard to just say “nope, I’ll just sit and think about this for a bit…” That would be too responsible 😉

    September 11, 2012
    • Funny you say that because I actually love the way the blue and white look together too, it’s just the cabinets and countertops throwing everything off. I dream of a white kitchen where I can do a fun color on the wall, but for now, it looks like neutrals are it…
      I think we might do the blue with white in our spare bedroom that will someday be a baby room…so I guess Robin’s Egg Blue isn’t always such a bad thing
      It’s hard to want to do so much, but know you won’t live there forever!
      PS Love your blog and that you set up a projector while doing demo work + your dog is adorable.

      September 11, 2012

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