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Our 2012 Christmas Card…

Meet our 2012 Christmas card:

Did you catch that last part?

Yupp, we’re having a baby!!!

We are completely shocked, extremely joyful, and 100% trusting in God’s timing.

The first weeks were a little (OK a lot) rough and I completely feel for any woman who has ever experienced morning sickness. I used to think it was totally overrated and women were big sissies, but I’ve been humbled to say the least.
(And can I just add that I’m seriously considering sending a letter to Pinterest telling them they need a “hide all food/recipes” option? Honestly, I do not need to see your twice-baked, double-fried coconut triple chocolate cake with hazelnut frosting at 7 am when it’s all I can do to keep a piece of buttered toast down.)

But now I’m 17 weeks, (hopefully) over the morning sickness, and anxiously awaiting feeling the first flutters.

It seems to be baby season galore in this next of the woods (seriously, so many of my lady friends are preggers), which makes the fact that we’ll have babies growing up together even more exciting!

We’ll be able to find out the sex in just a few more weeks, but whether we’re going to is still up for debate. I don’t want to, Ian’s dying to know. Figures. We did agree on a name within the first couple of weeks (kind of amazing, right?), but now we’re wavering between two. Either way, I feel confident that our baby will have a name by the time we leave the hospital. That is one thing we’re keeping a secret, though! My actual due date is June 4, which makes for a very busy end of spring in our household with Ian’s birthday being May 22, mine May 25, and baby (hopefully) shortly thereafter!

The lack of posts around here can be attributed to this whole pregnancy thing. I swear, ever since getting pregnant, it’s like this baby sucked all the creativity out of me. Until recently, I’ve found myself sitting in my craft room, staring at all my supplies and having no idea what I can make.


But Crafty Christmas is in full-force with only 24 left to craft, so I’d better get back to it, just wanted to share our exciting news with all of you!

P.S. It’s snowing on my blog and I have no idea how that happened, but thank you, WordPress!

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  1. Congrats Linds (and Ian!) SO excited for you guys and this new adventure!

    January 28, 2013

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