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Welcome to 2013


New year, new me?


“A firm decision to do or not do something”. That’s how the dictionary defines a “resolution”, seems simple enough, right?

Typically, I hate New Year’s resolutions and think they’re uber-cheesy, but this year I was inspired to make some of my own and felt like the Lord put a few things on my heart as I prayed for the upcoming year.

So here they are…in no particular order:

. . . . .

– Spend more time with people –

(Or, as our pastor once said, “get off Facebook and look someone in the face”, to which my dad literally gave an “amen” out loud during church service).

I want to be more intentional about hanging out with people. Whether it’s meeting a friend for coffee or having a conversation with Ian rather than sitting in front of the tube. Whatever it is, I need to be better at spending time with people, rather than getting all the information about friends from good ol’ FB. 1 of my best friends lives in another state, so for her it means picking up the phone and calling.

. . . . .

– Be a cheerleader –

For my husband, that is. Ian works incredibly hard, and I often take it for granted. I go to work after him and I’m home before him. He never complains about how much he has to work or that I’m home more, he just does it.

Something I am so  thankful for, but rarely show. But this year, I’m determined to be a loving, supportive wife.

. . . . .

 – Give up the phone –

I’m addicted to my iPhone.


Lately I’ve noticed that my phone is always  in my hand. When I wake up, while I’m getting ready, during commercials, while I make dinner, when I’m laying in bed, when I can’t fall asleep. Always.

I once heard a pastor say that the enemy is really good at keeping us distracted.


So much of my time is wasted by my phone. Time that I could be spending in the Word is replaced by mindlessly thumbing through Facebook. Time that I could be spending with my husband is replaced by pinning too many crafts that I don’t have time for.

You get the idea.

Less time with my phone in hand = More time to get things done.

. . . . .

– Do 1 nice thing for someone everyday –

Maybe it’s a compliment to a co-worker, buying the person behind me their coffee, or a random love note for Ian to find in the middle of his day. Whatever it is, big or small, my goal is to intentionally do something nice for someone everyday. 365 days of kindness, no excuses.

. . . . .

So there they are. 4 things that I vow to do differently in 2013.


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  1. Robin Tashjian #

    Amen to all of those resolutions.

    January 3, 2013

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