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Crafty Christmas | Art Box

This gift is definitely one that I can’t take any credit for because I originally saw it over on | Lil’ Blue Boo | and pretty much copied her exactly. When I first saw it, I immediately fell in love with the idea, what kid doesn’t love to get a whole bunch of random craft supplies so they can create whatever they can imagine? It’s a gift I would’ve loved as a kid (and probably made a huge mess out of), but my 3 nephews are home-schooled, so I was hoping it would make for some good distractions on a rainy afternoon. I loved everything about the gift and was thrilled with the way it turned out. I made 1 big art box for our 3 nephews to share and because they range in age from 3-8, I made sure to throw in a variety of things. The box ended up being pretty inexpensive, too, about $40 for the whole thing, but once it was divided about 3 kids, it’s really not so bad.

Here’s what I put in mine:

: : unpainted wooden blocks : :
: : feathers : :
: : stickers : :
: : string : :
: : pipe cleaners : :
: : 3 different balsa wood models : :
: : markers : :
: : pom-poms : :
: : felt sheets : :
: : clothespins : :
: : removable tattoos (because what boy doesn’t love those? : :
+ a few other random items
: : I put everything in one of those clear, craft paint cans so that it’s easy to throw everything back in when they’re done and it can all be kept in one place : :

The one thing I didn’t include was any form of adhesive (glue, tape) because I figured they would already have that stuff and I didn’t want to waste space in the box.

But all in all, I hope it led to hours of entertainment for my adorable nephews.


I was browsing the Plaid Barn this morning and noticed that they still have the bronze feathers I used to create both the earrings and the necklace. Find them | here | and | here |. Throw a couple of | these | in your shopping cart and you’re set!

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