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Let’s Be Real

Can I just tell you how tired I am of seeing those “But first, coffee” prints, t-shirts, and mugs?
( I’m pretty sure people even have that tattooed somewhere on their body ) 
But let’s be real, coffee is good in the mornings, but you know what’s so much better?


Time spent in the Word, in the solitude of the morning.
Before the sun comes up.
Before the pitter patter of little feet ( yes, we officially have a walker now )
Before you check your e-mail.
Before Instagram.
Before Facebook.
Before to-do lists.
Before the hub’s alarm goes off.

Yes, even before that sweet aroma God Himself created.

Time with Jesus is far, far better than coffee.

I’ve been loving | this | plan from the wonderful ladies of She Reads Truth. Spoiler alert- all of their studies are a-mazing.

No more coffee first, let’s make Jesus a priority… and drink that sweet stuff while we give Him the glory.

But First, Jesus

Get the print | here |


Polyvore Monday | May 21

Did anyone else see Keeping up with the Kardashian’s last night (I know, I know, major guilty pleasure show), where they have a couch in their master bathroom? A couch people! How amazing (and slightly unnecessary) is that?

I guess you could say the Kardashian’s inspired Polyvore Monday today and it wasn’t a total waste of an hour of my life.

What women doesn’t love an over-the-top, luxurious master bathroom? I think along with a huge walk-in closet, it’s right up there on the list of top things women want/look for in a home. Fact: Whenever Ian and I are planning a vacation, I always look up the hotel on | Trip Advisor | and search for photos of the bathroom (I could care less about the actual bedroom part). I have no idea why, but a luxurious bathroom + vacation = a little slice of heaven for me, and I have to make sure the bathroom’s up to par! Plus, when it’s not yours, you don’t have to clean it yourself. Bonus!

Thanks to | Houzz | I can drool over beautiful master baths 24/7 and never run out of ideas. Here’s a few favorites from my ideabook:

Italianate Townhouse traditional bathroom
traditional bathroom design by new york architect Linda Yowell Architects

I am  in love with this subway tile. Retro, yet still feels modern and so clean.

Reaume Construction & Design traditional bathroom
traditional bathroom design by los angeles general contractor Reaume Construction & Design
Donna DuFresne Design eclectic bathroom
eclectic bathroom design by portland interior designer Donna DuFresne Interior Design

A little nook to bathe in is so fun and just what every home needs. Do we love that arch or what? Who wouldn’t want to spend hours soaking in that bathtub until you turn into a prune. I’m a big fan of the detailed ceiling as well. Feels slightly like a beach cottage, but a warm, cozy beach cottage. The bead board along the walls and below the tub in the second photo give it the feeling of an older home and the contrast between the tub, bead board, and wall color are also great.

Master Bath Retreat traditional bathroom
traditional bathroom design by seattle kitchen and bath Kayron Brewer, CKD / Studio KB

Umm…yes please! Does this even need an explanation? This many built-ins are absolutely necessary for a bathroom (I hate when clutter is left on the counter), and such a great way to hide it all, but still keep it accessible and at eye-level when you need it.

1512 Dolphin Terrace traditional bathroom
traditional bathroom design by orange county design-build Spinnaker Development

White marble. Need I say more?

Small Space Bathroom contemporary bathroom
contemporary bathroom design by toronto interior designer Toronto Interior Design Group

I’ve never understood how showers like this don’t cause a flood in the bathroom (and how that towel would manage to stay dry), but I still like them! Little privacy with only half of a glass door, but when it’s in the master bath, who cares! Cutouts in the shower wall that create shelves are perfect for storing pretty bottles, and a good use of space in a small bathroom.

To the 2 of you (I’m new to the blogging world, 2 is better than none!) who commented on Freebie Friday, you each get a card! Please e-mail me at | | with your address and I’ll get them shipped out to you ASAP!

Make sure to come back this week for tutorials from the baby shower this weekend, I promise you won’t want to miss them (and they’re EASY DIY projects!)

8 Years Ago..

| we were teenagers, smitten with one another |

| I was secretly hoping you’d ask me to prom |

| our “dates” consisted of sitting by one another in whatever class we could |

| I looked forward to tennis after school, just so I could watch you across the field at lacrosse |

| we spent way too much time texting until the wee hours of the night |

| I eagerly listened to the sound of your car coming down the street to pick me up |

| you melted my heart with our first kiss, and you’ve had it ever since |

love you forever, bubba.

Spring has Sprung

..Or at least it’s supposed to have sprung today according to the calendar…

Here in Oregon it’s still rainy, cold, and wet.

Here’s to hoping that things like this aren’t too far off.


Happy 1st day of spring!