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Praying for a Sweet Family

I haven’t actually written a blog post since November. Yikes! If you’re still with me, bless your heart.

It’s amazing how much of my day is now devoted to Avery, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Between being a mama, wife, working a “real” job, and holding down my Etsy shop on the side, our lives have between crazy chaotic, but that’s what we signed up for, right?

I have more posts scheduled, most that are now somewhat baby-related (go figure), some new recipes, crafts, DIYs, etc.. I’m a little all over the place these days, and blogging is few and far between since it’s about the last thing I think of when Avery’s down for a nap, but I’m really trying to be more consistent. We’ll see!

. . . . .

On a completely different note, my heart has been so heavy the past week as I learned about the loss of a dear friend from college.
Two weeks ago, a freak accident left Lauren fighting for her life after she was was life-flighted to the nearest hospital.
Lauren fought for 7 days, but went home to be with Jesus on May 29.

Lauren’s medical bills will be through the roof, even after insurance. A fund has been set up to help her husband pay for her medical bills, and any other expenses he will have as he prepares for the road ahead as a single parent.

As of this morning, they’re $24,000 short of their $100,000 goal, with 114 days left. The outpouring of support for this amazing little family has been crazy, and even in the darkness, God is truly showing up and making Himself known.

For the remainder of this month, ALL proceeds from my Etsy shop will go to Lauren’s fund. Every penny.
Aside from praying for this sweet family, it’s the least I can do to give her husband and kids peace of mind as they face uncertain times ahead.

Please, join me in praying for her husband, Jayson, and their two babies, Laim (3), and Evelyn (1).

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