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Let’s Be Real

Can I just tell you how tired I am of seeing those “But first, coffee” prints, t-shirts, and mugs?
( I’m pretty sure people even have that tattooed somewhere on their body ) 
But let’s be real, coffee is good in the mornings, but you know what’s so much better?


Time spent in the Word, in the solitude of the morning.
Before the sun comes up.
Before the pitter patter of little feet ( yes, we officially have a walker now )
Before you check your e-mail.
Before Instagram.
Before Facebook.
Before to-do lists.
Before the hub’s alarm goes off.

Yes, even before that sweet aroma God Himself created.

Time with Jesus is far, far better than coffee.

I’ve been loving | this | plan from the wonderful ladies of She Reads Truth. Spoiler alert- all of their studies are a-mazing.

No more coffee first, let’s make Jesus a priority… and drink that sweet stuff while we give Him the glory.

But First, Jesus

Get the print | here |

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    November 12, 2014

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